Nate Hough-Snee, Ph.D - Ecologist, Principal

The short story: Nate is a Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS) with a decade of experience in floodplain, wetland, and riparian forest restoration, and research. He has published over twenty papers on floodplain, riparian, wetland, and restoration ecology and works with private, state, federal, and agency clients to help solve problems and manage watersheds and ecosystems.

The long story: Nate grew up wrestling, skateboarding, and fishing near Lake Erie before his interests in mountains and rivers drew him to Seattle, WA, where he eventually received BA and MS degrees from the University of Washington. During his time in Seattle, Nate contributed to numerous forest, wetland, and floodplain restoration projects, monitored many a stream and wetland, and led service-based outdoor education and graduate and undergraduate courses.

In 2010, fresh out of grad school, the lag time between post-recession hiring and reduced government investment in environmental research converged. While environmental research and restoration jobs were becoming scarce, opportunities arose to delineate wetlands, manage data, write reports, and monitor various ecosystems. From these opportunities, Nate founded Meadow Run Environmental so he could work with and for local, state, federal, and tribal natural resource and environmental agencies. 

After a season delineating wetlands in Alaska, Nate went on to receive his Ph.D in Ecology from Utah State University's Department of Watershed Sciences, where he worked and/or collaborated with the USDA Forest Service, NOAA Fisheries, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, US Environmental Protection Agency, and numerous universities.

In 2016 Nate settled into central Washington, where he is Meadow Run Environmental's principal and sole full-time employee.

Fun facts about Nate include that he:

Has served the Society of Wetland Scientists as president, executive vice-president, and program vice-president of the Pacific Northwest Chapter, serving the board since 2012.

Once defeated a professional UFC fighter in a Greco-Roman wrestling match and was pinned by another professional UFC fighter in a folkstyle bout in the same summer. He currently weighs 30-50 pounds less than either opponent and would wager heavily against himself in a rematch.

Has published over twenty papers on floodplain, riparian, wetland, and restoration ecology.


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